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Gabriel Carnick has been working on films since she was very young, and was focused on a filmmaking as a career from her boarding school in South Carolina -- The South Carolina's Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, where she majored in Creative Writing -- to her Master in Fine Arts in Film Direction in California -- Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.  She has done a wide range of work, from short nonfiction artist profile pieces,  documentaries, music videos, to narrative feature films.  Gabriel is ready to begin collaborating with you and creating art that impacts and exemplifies the communities that need the most representation.  She sees heroes as the people who work in the social justice or health community that go out of their way to protect people they barely know, and loves making art that reflects their contributions to society.  As well as any other projects that underline social justice, LGBTQ, and BIPOC stories.  Gabriel is based in Los Angeles and NYC, but loves to travel nationally and internationally for work.

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